Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17 Target Trip with My First Price Match!


I have never price matched at Target so I wasn't sure what they would & would not accept. Unlike Walmart I know they require the ad so I made sure to take it with me. As soon as I got there I went to customer service and asked them if they would PM the Toys R Us candy price of $1.99. They said "Of course! Just be sure to get the right size."

When I was ready I went to back to CS to check out (another difference from Walmart since they can handle price matching at the regular registers) and the lady promptly adjusted the prices for all of my candy and took all my coupons without blinking an eye. It was surprisingly easy so I know I'll be doing that again.

Onto my trip...

HerbaShine - $6.49
Free coupon from mfg = Free!

Assorted bags o'candy x 5 - $1.99/each *price matched to TRU*
$1.50/3 10/16 SS = $8.45

Wonka Mix Ups - $6.99
$1.40/1 printable = $5.59

Nescafe Tasters Choice coffee x 2 - $1.19/each
.65/1 printable x 2
.50/1 Target printable = .58

Dozen eggs x 2 - $1.39 (not pictured)
$1/2 Target breakfast items printable = $1.78

Coke 12pks x 4 - $2.75/each (not pictured)
Free 12pk from = $8.25

Candy bowl - $1.00

Hair clips x 2 = $2.00

Total: $27.07
Saved: $26.28 (50%)

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