Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Week 2 Update

Week 2 of the Pantry Challenge proved to be a little more challenging than the 1st one.  I posted my goals & menu plan earlier in the week so that I would have some guidelines to follow. Let's recap...

One of the guidelines of my challenge was to spend $20 or less each week. I did stay under budget this week but just barely and only with a little restraint & a lot of creativity.  I spent total of $19.50 ($12.85 Food Lion, $1.95 CVS, and $4.70 Thriftway, not pictured).


We followed the menu plan the entire week and realize for the thousandth time that it makes life SO much easier! There was one night in particular that I didn't want to cook anything, but since I had already thawed the sliced turkey I went ahead and made dinner. Happy to say it was worth the effort!

And when I had to come up with snack ideas that didn't need to be heated I checked the pantry and came up with corndog muffins, chips & salsa and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Not too shabby for some last minute "pantry shopping".


  • Organize freezer downstairs WORK IN PROGRESS! 
    • I am still working on this one so it will be back on the list for next week.
  • Organize kitchen cabinets  WORK IN PROGRESS!
    •  I am still working on this one so it will be back on the list for next week. 
  •  Plan & make breakfast each morning  DONE!
    • One morning was just a banana but it was intentional since I planned to go out for lunch & knew that I would be eating a bigger meal than normal. Still I felt like I should continue to work on this since I'm not pre-planning the healthiest meals. 

The 2nd week went well but I definitely need to step up my organizing game.  Tomorrow I'll share our menu plan & goals for Week 3.

Until then share your progress with me! How did your week go?

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