Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pantry Challenge: Week 3 Update

It's Week 3 of the Pantry Challenge...  I posted my goals & menu plan earlier in the week so that I would have some guidelines to follow. Let's recap...

One of the guidelines of my challenge was to spend $20 or less each week. I stayed under budget this week. Yay!  I spent about $17.50 ($5.xx Dollar General Market, not pictured, and $8.xx + $3.50 Kroger).


We did really good sticking with the menu plan this week even though we switched some stuff around. Hubs had surgery on Friday & didn't feel up to eating a full meal so I just made him a sandwich and then made Friday's planned meal on Saturday. Since we didn't want to have chicken two days in a row I made crockpot cubed steak tonight. It was SO good!

But the best part was dessert -- Boston cream pie! I had a cake in the freezer so I took it out this morning, filled it and then topped it with chocolate ganache. Heavenly!


  • Organize freezer downstairs WORK IN PROGRESS! 
    • I am still working on this one so it will be back on the list for next week.
  • Organize kitchen cabinets  WORK IN PROGRESS!
    •  I am still working on this one so it will be back on the list for next week. 
  • Organize stockpile WORK IN PROGRESS!
  •  Plan & make breakfast each morning  DONE!
    • Keeping this one on the list just to make sure I follow through. you can see I still have a ton of organizing to do. I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to stuff I don't want to do! Blah.  This is the last week of the pantry challenge so I'm really going to make an effort to get it done. 

Until then share your progress with me! How did your week go?

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