Monday, March 2, 2009

Stockpile Pics!

I've been promising stockpile pictures forever and finally I snapped a few shots of my goodies. Now it's not as impressive as some I've seen but I'm on the right path!

Here's the shelf I got especially for my extra HBA stuff. The rest is in our upstairs linen closest and bathrooms. It's located in our storage room downstairs so it's out of the way but holds plenty.

Close ups of each shelf:

My chest freezer also located in the storage room. Now you can see why I'm was on a freezer "freeze"...cause it's FULL!

Here are pictures of my fridge:

And my little drink stockpile located in the garage:

I took a few of my cabinets and drawers too but I might wait till I can actually organzie them and then retake before posting.


Denise said...

Wow! I'm incredibly impressed. Will you come clean my fridge? Seriously though, impressive! I need to work at this harder.

Did you watch Oprah yesterday? It was on after Dr. Phil here and Oprah was having people live with less "stuff." There was a family that had a stockpile of food and paper goods and they made them give some of there stockpile away. WHY??? I thought it was ridiculous.

The Royal Family said...

nice! Organized and all! Mine is a lot messier!