Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Manage Facebook Apps

I'm excited to see so many terrific Facebook promotions in the last few days, but like many of you I'm also concerned about my privacy online. In order to enter these contests you are required to grant permission for "xyz app" to access your information, and in some cases your friends information also.

Unfortunately there is no way around this if you want to get in on that particular freebie, coupon, or giveaway. But you can remove their permissions afterwards by following these simple steps:

*Click on ACCOUNT in the right hand corner and then select "Privacy Settings"

*Click on "Edit Your Settings" in the very bottom left hand corner (Under Apps and Websites)

*The first category is Apps You Use, click on the box that says "Edit Settings" for that area

*Click "x" next to any apps that you would like removed; there will be a pop up box that appears asking you to confirm, just select "Remove".

I try to go through my apps at least once a week and remove any that I no longer need. That way I am able to participate in all these Facebook promotions without having to worry about my privacy.

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