Friday, July 8, 2011

7/7 Super Dollar Trip


Another trip to my local Super Dollar for some cheap cake mix. They are doing a promotion like Kroger's Mega Sale where you automatically save $5 for every 10 participating items you buy. The prices listed are AFTER the promo.

FC cake mix x 10 - .59/each

FC tater tots x 2 - $1.50/each

FC fries x 2 - $1.50/each

FC rice x 2 - .49/each

FC coffee - $3.49

FC bleach - .99

FC hot dog buns - .79

FC salt - .09

*Non-Mega items:

Bananas - $1.21

Lettuce - .99

Sugar x 3 - $2.39/each

Milk - $2.39

Pork Lion chops - $2.29/lb

Hamburger - $1.79/lb

Total: $40.25

It's hard to figure up the savings at a discount store like this but I typically buy items for less than I can get them anywhere else so even though I don't have an exact percentage I saved & that's what matters.


Bridget said...

I really like Super Dollar when they have these "Mega" events. Went there last Thursday and stocked up on similar low-priced staples.

Bridget said...

Oh, forgot to add. I purchased pork chops from there probably 6+ months ago and was very disappointed. Whoever cut them did a poor job; there were so many bone fragments that even after a thorough washing, I could not remove them all. Hope yours are better! ;-)

Brandy @ Craving Savings said...

These are supposed to be boneless pork loin chops but I didn't open the package yet. Hopefully they are okay!