Monday, July 18, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? July Update

I took these pictures last week of the garden. Everything is coming along nicely but especially my cucumbers. I'm averaging 5-6 a week from my three plants

I haven't seen any pests really but something is snacking on the cucumber leaves

The potted roma tomatoes I have on the deck look promising

And the ones I planted in the garden are doing so well I had to add extensions onto the stakes. Thank goodness for a nice Lowe's employee for finding the right doo-hickey to put the two pieces of PVC together.

Last week I saw signs of the tomatoes FINALLY getting ripe. This went from here

To here in a matter of 3 days and now I have several that are starting to ripen.

I am slightly disappointed in my pepper plants. I have two peppers on one plant, one on the other green pepper plant and nothing on my red pepper plant. Guess next year I'll just plant more & hope for a better crop.

Now it's your is your garden surviving the "dog days of summer"?

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