Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Card Line-Up from Tiny Prints

I've been talking a lot about Tiny Prints lately because they have offered so many terrific deals in the last couple of weeks. As you know our son is across the seas in Korea so I love the offers from Tiny Prints allows me to send personalized cards to him for a small fee or even free in some instances.

But Tiny Prints also has an elaborate selection of Christmas cards perfect for any family. I've browsed through several pages and found one that I think would be perfect for us:

Now I just have to talk my husband into taking new pictures this year since these are from last Christmas. But don't fear if your husband is camera shy like mine because Tiny Prints also offers some really cute photo-free Christmas cards that you can still personalize to suite your tastes.

And the best part...their cards start at .69! So take a minute (or 45 like me!) and browse through Tiny Prints Christmas Card selection.

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