Thursday, December 1, 2011

LivingSocial: 5 Big Mac & 5 Large Fries @ McDonald's for Only $13!

If you enjoy McDonald's then pop over to Living Social where you can get a voucher booklet that contains 5 individual Big Mac vouchers and 5 individual vouchers for Large Fries for ONLY $13 total - that's 50% off! The vouchers will be mailed to you & contain 10 individual vouches but the best part is they never expire!

Fine Print: Voucher booklet contains ten (10) separate tear-away vouchers. Individual tear-away vouchers do not expire • Limit one per purchaser • Voucher booklet will be sent via first-class mail and should be expected to arrive within two weeks after purchase • Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the mailing address confirmed at the point of purchase will be provided to a third party vendor for fulfillment only and will not be used for any other purpose • May be used over multiple visits • Limit one Big Mac voucher and one Large Fries voucher per store visit per customer (all visits to same restaurant within two-hour period constitute single visit) • Vouchers valid at any participating US location • Be sure to mention your LivingSocial voucher before placing your order

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