Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20 CVS Trip: FREE Schick Shave Cream...Again!

Once again I read rumors that certain shave gel is printing ECB at CVS making them free. And once again I went to verify it.

***NOTE: The only ones printing the ECB right now are the one pictured below, Skintimate Lotionizing in the pink can & the Schick Hydro SENSITIVE*** I have not tried the Skintimate yet so I cannot confirm that one.

My trip:

Coldcalm - $6.99
Received $6.99 ECB = Free

Schick Hydro - $3.99
Received $4.00 ECB = Free

Palmolive - .99 (filler)
Reese's egg - .75 (filler...and I already ate it.)

Used: $12.50 ECB
Total: .47
Received: $10.99 ECB ($6.99 Coldcalm, $4 Schick)

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