Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Got My Free Groceries from Food Lion!!

I couldn't resist checking out Food Lion's free grocery promo this morning. And since I pass a Food Lion on my way to work (sorta) I stopped in to my usual store. The manager greeted me on the way in with a bag & a smile. He was standing next to our new coupon kiosk (yay!) and was showing everyone how to use it and even doing quick match ups on the spot -- "That coupon makes Charmin only $3.99!". I made a small purchase and was out in a jiffy.

My friend had a totally different experience at another store. No one greeted her. No one made any reference to the coupon kiosk. There was only one line open that had at least 5 customers in it & apparently this store was requiring you to make a purchase before giving out the free bag. There was no mention of "purchase necessary" in the ad so I find that very odd. And not a good sign for that particular store on a day where Food Lion is spending a lot of money to show us how great they are.

We did get the same items in our bags:

FL Peanut Butter Crackers 8pk
Home 360 Foil Wrap 25 sq ft
Home 360 Storage Bags 20ct
My Essentials Thin Spaghetti 16oz
My Essentials Forks 24ct
My Essentials Cola 2L


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JR911 said...

Thanks for posting this yesterday. I was able to get mine this morning with no problems. They greeted me at the door with a smile and a bag of groceries and offered free coffee and donuts. I bought some closeout gum and was on my way to work.