Friday, March 2, 2012

Superpoints: 50 Point Bonus Available!

I was clicking the Super Lucky button this morning when that SUPER referral bonus popped up! If you sign up using the link provided - - then you will receive 50 points. And so will I for referring you. Score!

It's ONLY valid for the 1st person to sign up!

Superpoints is by far the EASIEST site to earn money on. I've earned over $30 in just a few weeks! You just push the Super Lucky Button and check your email for free points every day. (You can sign up for offers but I don't.)

NEW USER IMPORTANT INFO: When you sign up it is important that you reach Basic Membership level right away, which means you will have to complete your “Basic Information” and verify your email address. The faster you move up in membership levels, the faster you will have more clicks available to you!

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