Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ibotta Grocery Savings App: Sign Up Now & Get $5 Bonus!

I have been waiting for this announcement for what seems like weeks! Ibotta, the grocery savings app, is now available on Android! And you can get a $5 bonus for signing up HERE.  (Please note you need to sign up BEFORE downloading it from the Android store or no credit will be applied. Also you will need to submit your first receipt before receiving the $5 bonus.)

What is Ibotta?  

It's a savings app similar to Endorse or SavingStar where you will earn savings based on purchases you make in the grocery store.  

How to use Ibotta?

After downloading the app register with all your information.  Then choose from the offers listed.  Each offer says "Earn xx.xx"  underneath it.  Click on the item you are interested in.

You will get a screen like this. In order to earn the maximum amount you need to click on each circle.  Starting with the lowest amount click and learn a fact about that product.  Then click the 2nd circle to answer a poll question about that product.  Lastly click the 3rd circle to share on Facebook in order to get the highest savings.   

Once you have clicked all three circles then click "redeem".  This will prompt you to select the store you purchased the product from and walk you through submitting your receipt. Then you will be asked to scan the bar code of the item purchased.  At that time it's submitted to Ibotta for approval.  

I've heard that approvals happen very quickly as long as your receipt scan & bar code scan are clear. You will be able to cash out once you have $5 in your account, which should be pretty easy since you get a $5 bonus for signing up!

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