Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How To Change Your Zip Code at

Sometimes you need to change the zip code on in order to find a certain coupon and during the past few months it's been increasingly harder to do.  In the last couple of weeks my last work around hasn't been working so I took to the internet to find a solution.

Passion For Savings posted a fix to this issue that seems to be working. For now. 

First click HERE to go to an old Bayers Coupon page. There are no actual coupons listed but you will need to change your zip code as desired. 

Then go to your link and if you check under "Local Coupons" you will see that the zip code is the one you requested. 

Is it a pain? Yes. Is it confusing? Yes. Will it work tomorrow? Who knows! But I will keep you posted on any changes. 


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