Friday, January 25, 2013

TurboTax: File Your Federal Return for Free

Years ago I used to go to an accountant to have my taxes done. Then I started noticing that I was paying a hefty fee and all he was doing was plugging in the numbers that I gave him! Honestly. 

So the next year my husband & I sat down in front of the computer, logged into TurboTax and never looked back!  TurboTax is designed to walk you through each part and it asks all the right questions to make sure you get your maximum deductions with step-by-step guidance. But if you find yourself with a question they always have help available. You can choose to search the help topics, chat with an agent or call and speak with an agent. 

TurboTax has saved us a lot of money by giving us the tools to do our own taxes and I recommend their service for anyone looking to do the same.  Click on the banner to get started!

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