Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pantry Challenge 2013

January was quite the stock up month with all the sales happening around here and my stockpile is bursting at the seams.  Or at least it would be if it were organized properly. Instead I've got quite the mess of cans and boxes that are in a complete disarray.

Having said that I officially declare it time for a Pantry Challenge! And I welcome you to join me. 

The challenge basically consists of eating from your own pantry rather than shopping for groceries as you normally would. For most it gives you an opportunity to save some money and to use up any items hiding in the back of your cabinet. I'm hoping it also gives me some motivation to meal plan on a regular basis and maybe find some new meal ideas. 

Below are my goals during this years challenge (February 4-February 25):
  • Organize my stockpile (including freezers)
    • Arrange items using FIFO (first in, first out)
    • Use ingredients nearing expiration 
    • Donate items that will not be used
    • Take inventory
  • Meal plan around what I have on hand
    • No trips to the store for "one small thing" will prevent impulse buys
    • Be creative with leftovers to prevent waste
  • Allot only $20 OOP for perishables/stock up/CVS
    • Coupons, catalinas &ECBs will be used to keep costs low(er)
    • Only eat out once a week (or less!)
Are you joining me? If so you will want to set some goals for your family & grab my button below! I'll be posting my menu plan each Monday and updates through out the challenge including recipes. I'll also be using Pinterest quite a bit for inspiration so consider following me there too!  

Good luck ya'll!

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