Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kroger - Mega Sale

I ♥ Kroger's Mega Sale...especially when the coupons I ordered from Ebay arrive on time. With the MS prices and combined coupons I got all this for $11.85, for a savings of 87%!

Here's how I did it: (Item-MS Price wyb 10 items-coupon=total)

20 Green Giant Steamers-$.99-.50(Ebay)= FREE (or overage of .01 if you want to be technical)
1 Triscuits-$1.70-1.00(store display)= .70
1 Wheat Thins-$1.70-1.00(store display)= .70
1 Kroger Shredded Cheese-$1-67-1.00(mail)-.17 employee discount= .50
2 Kraft Cheese-$1.49-.75(blinkie)= .74
2 SM Muffin Mix-.49(markdown)-.30(store display @ FL)= FREE
3 SM Gravy Mix-.44(markdown)-.30 (store display @ FL)= FREE (2 of 3 gave .05 overage)
1 Kroger frozen peppers-$1.39-.14 employee discount= 1.25
2 Hormel Turkey Chili-$1.00/2-.55/2(insert)= .45/2
1 Tape refill-$1.19-.12 employee discount= 1.07
1 French's mustard-.99-.50(insert)= FREE
1 Gillette shaving cream-.99(closeout)
2 Ken's dressing-$1.49-1.00/2= 2.00/2
1 Rotel-.37-.30= .23 Overage
1 Activia Yogurt-2.00-1.00(peelie)= 1.00
1 Kellogg Fiber Plus bars-$2.00-1.00(catalina)= 1.00

*The MS prices listed are when you buy 10 participating items so the prices shows are already MINUS the $5.00 discount ($5/10=.50/item) and my Kroger doubles up to .50. Also since my SS works for Kroger I get a 10% discount on all Kroger brand items as noted above and my Kroger does not limit the number of coupons used. I've heard that some Kroger stores may limit the number of coupons used for "like" items. Please check with your local store regarding their coupon policy.

I think this is by far my best grocery savings even with buying the few things we actually needed-tape, shaving cream, yogurt. But the best news is that I found room in my freezer for the GG Steamables!

How did you do this week?


momof3crazykids said...

Can I just say, Holy Cow girl! You rock!

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Wow, you did great!

I love my Kroger store, but haven't outright asked if they double coupons or what their coupon policy is. I wish they'd just list that on their website!

The Royal Family said...

good job! I am thinking I might go there today, but I do have other stores that have better things for me right now... *shrug*
Who do you buy from off ebay that does coupons???