Monday, June 4, 2012

Bzz Agent Campaign: Sobe & Private Selection


In the last few weeks I've been part of the Bzz Agent campaign for Sobe & Private Selection (Kroger's brand).   I received the Sobe campaign first & got a free Sobe Lifewater with Coconut Water plus lots of coupon.

Then I got in on the Private Selection campaign and received that kit last week. It included a bag of Private Selection chips, a free coupon for PS angus beef, PS pie and a few other coupons so I can try all of the Private Selection items.

If you've never heard of BzzAgent they are a social marketing company. What's that mean to you? They put products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and help them share their opinions about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more.

Which is what I'll be doing with Pepsi Next! I've been a BzzAgent since 2006 and have participated in lots of campaigns along the years.  If you love trying new products and sharing your opinions I encourage you to sign up!


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