Friday, August 3, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow? 2012 Update

I haven't posted about my garden this year, but I started with the garden box we put together last year and just added some fresh compost into it.  In May I purchased some tomato & pepper plants, but Lowes didn't have a single cucumber plant so I decided to leave them out. My husband's co-worker came to the rescue and sent me several plants - cucumbers & tomatoes - so I was able to get some in the box but not until June.  

If you have been watching the weather at all this year you know it's been one of the hottest on record and I don't think my late-planted cucumbers care for it very much.  I've gotten 4-5 out of the 3 plants in the box but they aren't as large as they should be & turn yellow very quickly.  

There was one really nice looking green pepper growing that something ate last week. That means I'm still at zero green peppers for two seasons, though there are some blooms coming out this week.  Guess there is still hope...

While my peppers & cucumbers haven't been great performers, my tomatoes have flourished! And some mysterious bug thinks so too cause I was finding tomatoes that were completely eaten up by something.  Again the co-worker came to the rescue and sent me some lime. Since I applied it last week my tomatoes are bug free and lovely dontcha think?

 You can barely make out the milk jug in the garden box. I've been using that as a "self watering can" whenever we go away on vacations.  All I did was clean it out, poke a few very tiny holes along the bottom sides with a safety pin, and filled it up with water.  I set it near the roots and let it slowly drip while we're gone just to keep the soil moist.

Anyone else gardening this year?


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